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Fresh out of the Workshop.

Nous avons apprécié collaborer avec l'Antre II Mondes, un pub situé à Dijon.

L'objectif principal de ce nouveau site internet était de présenter l'établissement (carte des boissons et de la restauration, galerie photos, calendrier des événements, et mise en avant des partenaires).

Nous avons ainsi conçu un site internet sur-mesure, afin de répondre à ce besoin.

Ce site internet est doté de notre outil d'administration afin de pouvoir mettre à jour le contenu simplement et rapidement.

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Création du site internet de l'Antre 2 Mondes à Dijon
Pinceau Atelier Cassis

The last creation we worked on took us across borders with leCar.ch, specialist in bus and minibus transport in Switzerland.
This new website has been completely redesigned. The goal was to make easier the customer relationship management (initial contact, request for quotes, rating...) using a CMS (tool) we have developed.

A CMS (Content Management System) is a tool that provides you to create and update content without having to touch the source code of the website. In other words, the idea is to give partial access to the website in order to add and modify content. For leCar.ch we have created and developed our own tool to meet the needs of the business: creation of online quotes and writing customer reviews. The tool can be used from any computer, there is no software or programs to install. Access is given to authorized employees by a username and password.

Our main goal is to find solutions according to your needs with tailor-made tools.

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Création site internet leCar.ch
Pinceau Atelier Cassis

We took pleasure to work with Carrières Saviane, a company specialized in burgundy stones extraction. Their main objective was to create a visual identity for the company and a showcase website to have a stronger presence. We worked together on a logo to be easily identifiable. We also designed a graphic charter consistent with the Burgundy Stone.

When the project started at the Workshop, we decided to discover the company and meet the owners to learn more about the activity and products, this is always the best way to create content adequate to the brand environment.

For us, each collaboration is a unique experience, we take this creative work to heart because we learn more and more thanks to you. This is the message we want to deliver at the Workshop

Discover the website

Dernière création site internet