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Website creation for leCar, Geneva (Switzerland)

Website creation for lecar.ch

Making the customer relationship easier

Established in Geneva (Switzerland) and specialized in coach and minibus transport, the company leCar.ch trusted us for the creation of its website.
The objectives were to propose a graphic redesign and to make the customer relationship easier.

A web design to boost the company image

The aesthetics of a website is very important: it is the first impression that the Internet user will have of your company. The web design of Atelier Cassis meets two main objectives:

  • An invitation to travel
    The leCar.ch website must be an invitation to travel for the Internet user. The user must be able to get an idea of what the company is about. For this purpose, it was important to highlight the city of Geneva and its surroundings with beautiful pictures. It was also essential to present the coaches since they are the core business of the company. This is what brings us to the second objective: to reassure.
  • Reassure
    Safety is essential for a specialist in passenger transport, that is why the website must inspire confidence and reassure the Internet user. It is about being transparent to verify compliance with use restrictions. If the Internet user is not confident about the company, his approach will be conductive.
Création de webdesign à Dijon
Création de site internet avec formulaire de contact

Facilitate customer relations

Having a form on your website has several interests :

  • Unlike email, it is possible to define the data to be filled in. The contact form allows you to collect all the information you need to process the request.
  • It is accessible from any type of device and does not require access to its messaging system. It allows you to facilitate easy and quick contact without omitting information that is automatically requested.

For leCar.ch, we have created two tailor-made forms: one for the generic contact, and the second for the online quote request. When an user fills in one of these two forms, he receives a confirmation thanks to an e-mail charted in the company's colors. This allows him to be sure that his request has been taken into account. The leCar.ch company also receives the information filled in and can offer a consistent answer thanks to all the elements filled in.

Création de site internet avec formulaire de contact

Management of customer reviews

The consumer needs to be reassured before purchasing on the internet.
According to the IFOP, 88% of consumers check online reviews before making a purchase.

We have developed a tailor-made tool for leCar.ch that automatically collects customer opinions. After each service, the customer receives an e-mail inviting him (her) to give his (her) impression. The customer can then evaluate the service using a form. leCar.ch then receives a notification for each notification submitted. It can then add a comment before publishing it. The notices then appear on a dedicated page, and the two most recent notices are displayed on the homepage of the website.

Gestion des avis sur un site internet
Création de site internet avec version anglaise

A website internationally oriented

leCar.ch's customers are international. It is therefore essential to offer an English version.

The user can thus switch from one language to another very quickly.

Création de site internet avec version anglaise

If you wish to entrust us with the creation of your website or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to chatting with you !

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