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Atelier Cassis · Communication agency in Dijon, Burgundy

in Burgundy
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communication agency

Walk through the door of our workshop !

Above all, Atelier Cassis is a tailor-made communication workshop.

It was conceived to support the different local players of our lovely area.
Don’t worry, wherever you are in France or in the world, don’t hesitate to call on us !

We are here to help you growing your ideas and projects.

With us, each project is unique and we need three ingredients to make it real:

  • Exchange between you and us.
  • Reflection imagine a project which fits your needs and expectations
  • Creativity ability to create, imagine and innovate.
We want to create experiences.
Agence de Communication à Dijon en Bourgogne
Intérieur de l'agence de Communication Atelier Cassis
Pinceau Atelier Cassis
Our knowledge are there for you
Find out what’s behind the door.

Website creation

Showcase website or e-commerce website : we create and design your website from A to Z.

Community management

We help you to create privileged relationship with your customers.

Visual identity

We help your brand by creating visual identity (logo, typography...).

Mailshot and Newsletter

Improve customer relationship with newsletter or automatic alerts targeted on web users actions.

Relationship marketing

We create a unique and personalized relationship between your brand and your customers but also with your potential customers.

To go further...

Wedding, birth or baptism announcements, events invitations, paper mails… Tell us what you need we will do our best !