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Website creation, visual identity, networking animation in Dijon in Burgundy

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Website creation

A website provides the visibility you need, you can introduce your company, activities and especially your products. It gives the opportunity for potential customers to contact you. We customize your website according to your needs from web design to launch. The workshop is here to help you to both create or redesign your website.

Création de sites internet à Dijon
Création de votre identité visuelle

Making of your visual identity

Graphic elements make you easily recognizable by a name, a brand, a logo, a typography, colors… The workshop helps you to create your graphic charter, it is the very essence of your visual design. We can go further: design of business cards, leaflets, posters, advertising items… We are working with local companies for printing.

Création de votre identité visuelle

Networking animation

Social networks are used to create a privileged relationship with your customers, potential customers and partners. The Workshop helps you to choose the most appropriate social media, to imagine your editorial line, to plan your content and to inspire your community. We can also support you in your advertising campaigns.

Animation de réseaux sociaux à Dijon
Création e-mailing et SMS à Dijon

Mailshot and text messages customization

There is a need to keep your customers informed about your events or key information. Mailshot helps to improve customer relationship, you can use a newsletter or automatic alerts targeted on web users actions.

Création e-mailing et SMS à Dijon

Relationship marketing

It is essential to create a unique and personalized relationship between your brand and your customers but also with your potential customers. We are in the human to human marketing era : people do not just want a product, they want values and stories. Relationship marketing works on customer relationships and attracting potential customers.

Marketing relationnel à Dijon en Bourgogne
Création de faire parts de mariage et naissance à Dijon

To go further

Wedding, birth or baptism announcements, events invitations, paper mails… We won’t be able to list what we are able to do at the Workshop, that’s why don’t worry, tell us what you need we will do our best !

Création de faire parts de mariage et naissance à Dijon
Pinceau Atelier Cassis